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Life of an Acacian

The Acacia Fraternity is a social fraternity that aims to give young men an easy acclamation to college life as they adapt to the rigors of a college education. It is also a student organization that allows its members to foster social and leadership skills as they involve themselves in the chapter and on the larger campus community. Lastly the motto of the Acacia Fraternity is Human service therefore members of Acacia are obligated to participate in various community service events held on campus throughout the semester.


Some of the marquee events that the Syracuse Chapter partakes in is our annual hypnotist show, where we bring a real hypnotist to campus.We are also beginning to develop the first ever 5cacia philanthropy.

Leadership and involvement in the community are not just expected in Acacia, they are required. More than 75% of our actives are involved in at least one other student organization. Some of these Include: A Men's Issue (AMI) Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, and ASIA.

Lastly, one of the founding principles of the Acacia Fraternity is Human service and it is that mantra that we take for our motto. Members of Acacia are expected to participate in various community service events.  In the past, we have done adopt the street, acacia clause, and have volunteered at the Westcott community center. We hope that as time goes on we are able to expand our touch to more of our community.  Here are a list of some of our upcoming community service events: