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Acacia participates in the IFC’s rush process in the fall and the spring. Rush is a highlight of the year for us, as we engage with prospective new members and gauge if we are a true fit. However, you do not have to wait for rush if you are interested in Acacia. If you are a male student with 12 Syracuse University Credits and a 2.5 GPA, you are eligible to be considered for membership and should contact a brother for more information on the recruitment process.



Recruitment Sign-up!

Our new members are responsible for upholding the traditions of our organization.We invite you to complete the form below to express your interest in continuing that tradition. Our recruitment officer will be sure to contact you regarding our upcoming events and membership information via ChapterSpot text messages.

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 “Cornerstones has helped individuals keep a focus on academics as well as other life goals throughout the school year.”

-Brother Robison, Iowa State #1069


Acacia is more than an association of men in their college years, it is a brotherhood that continues beyond one years as an active for the rest of their lives. Therefore, the Acacia fraternity takes it’s recruitment process seriously, and interested members are encouraged to really asses if Acacia is the right fit for them. Therefore, all incoming members are expected to go through cornerstones.


The Cornerstones program is the Acacia Fraternity’s membership development program. It represents our philosophy of Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders, pursuing lifelong learning, and exemplifying our motto of Human Service. The basis and principles are the same throughout all of our chapters, although there may be variations depending on the chapter structure and campus regulations. Any questions concerning the cornerstones program should be directed towards the Chapter President or Chapter Advisor.